Plasma Dr Quinton Isotonic 200 ml
  • Plasma Dr Quinton Isotonic 200 ml

PLASMA du DR. QUINTON isotonic - 1 bottle of 200 ml - Labo Chimicor

  • 200 ml glass bottle
  • Revitalizes and remineralizes the body
  • Helps to prevent energy expenditure before physical or intellectual effort
  • Instructions for use for ADULTS: from 10 to 50 ml to drink one hour before meals
  • Directions for use for CHILDREN: 10 to 30 ml to drink one hour before meals

The Plasma du dr. Quinton consists mainly of natural sea water, taken off the coast of Arcachon in the Atlantic Ocean and then cold sterilized following the method of Dr. René Quinton: in this way it retains all its characteristics.

Plasma du Dr. Quinton has the integral saline composition of our internal environment, therefore when we drink sea water we do nothing but stimulate the replacement of our body's liquids, favoring their purification.

There are two forms of Plasma: isotonic and hypertonic.

The isotonic solution is recommended for demineralization, red eyes, nausea, excessive weight loss, hair loss, cellulite, dermatosis, psoriasis.

The hypertonic solution is very useful for athletes and for stressful situations, both physical and mental, as it helps to replenish the minerals lost through effort.

Also useful as a decongestant, to be vaporized as an aerosol.

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