Silaplus organic silica 500 ml
  • Silaplus organic silica 500 ml

SILAPLUS organic silica liquid - 1 bottle of 500 ml - Labo Chimicor


Organic silicon source

Food supplement based on Currant and Nettle

Nettle and black currant contribute to normal joint function and well-being of the nose and throat

  • Silaplus recharges the organism of organic silica rich in positive and negative ions which allow to restore the ionic balance of damaged or weakened cells and revive cell exchange.
  • Effective aid for problems related to muscles, tendons, bones and joints, blood vessels and arteries, tissues and skin.
  • It promotes the development of immune defenses, regenerates the tissues, facilitates the fixation of calcium.
  • Strengthens hair and nails, counteracts the signs of aging and stress on the skin.
  • It avoids stiffening of the joints, relieves pain due to osteoarthritis, fights the hardening of the arteries.

It is an effective aid in the treatment of diseases related to muscles, tendons, bones and joints, blood vessels and arteries, tissues and skin.

In nature there are two types of silicon: mineral silicon and organic silicon.

The first is the main element of the earth's crust immediately after oxygen.

The second differs from the first in the presence of one or more carbon atoms associated with hydrogen.

In this form it represents an essential element for all living matter.

The human being is born with a quantity of organic silicon such as to have a fundamental role for the growth, balance and defense of his organism, but this quantity decreases inexorably with aging.

The phenomenon is irreversible since our organism is unable to transform mineral silicon into organic silicon.

It is thanks to the organic chemist Norbert Duffaut who first managed to synthesize organic silicon, and to subsequent research on his research on the stabilization of the French geologist Loic Le Ribault that we can take advantage of its incredible effectiveness today, a powerful ally in the care of our body.

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