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Ingredients: Graviola, Rusco, Magnesium

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Graviola (aka Saursop) tree comes from the deep amazon rainforest. Extracts of this miraculous plant may help in the fight against cancer through a natural therapy that does not cause nausea, loss of weight and hair, protects the immune system and avoids infection which might be mortal for some patients.

Laboratory tests which have been made since 1970 have highlighted its efficacy in hitting and killing malignant cells in 12 different kinds of cancer among which breast, colon, prostate, lung and pancreas cancer. The component of graviola trees proved to be 10.000 times stronger in slowing the growing of cancer cells in comparison with Adriamycin, a chemotherapist medicament commonly used when treating cancer. In opposition with chemotherapy, the miscellaneous extract from graviola trees kills cancer cells only, without causing any damage to the others.

Several parts of graviola tree, included cortex, leaves, roots, fruit and seeds, have been used by Native Americans for centuries to heal cardiac diseases, asthma, liver problems and arthritis. 

When a well-known American pharmaceutical company became aware of it, it spent money and resources to proof the anti-cancer properties of the tree, and was shocked by the results.

Notwithstanding, this tree, according to the Federal law, is not patentable. There was no way, then, for them to make profits from graviola grabbing its principle, this is why the study remained secret for years. Nowadays, graviola is available in some dietary supplements as “ANNONA  MURICATA”

DOSAGE: 1-2 pills a day

300 mg pills

18,00 €

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