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(ingredients: Silver, Oxy Immu, Copper)

Synergy of 3 oligo-elements immunity stimulators

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Silver, strong bactericide, it completes the action of copper against infections. It helps with flus, sinusitis, sore throat, genital and urinary infections, excess of acid secretions in the stomach, fungicidal.

Oxy Immu is a strong regenerator and detoxyfing, heavy metals detoxifing, antiaging, cellular oxigenetor, it is a hard immunity stimulator. Chronic tiredness, depression, pain, chronic viral infections, liver, general articular diseases, artery protection, skin affections, tensions, eye affections.
Oxy Immu is in garlic, ginseng, shitake and aloe. 

Copper is suggested for all affections, it is an immunity stimulator, for the inflamatories with allergic causes, it contributes to iron absorbtion and mobilization, it acts in calcuim and phosphorous  metabolism which are necessary for te production of elastines and collagen for the healty of bones, cartilages and skin, to melatonin syntesis that works in skin and hair complexion, it sets the glands and reproduces hormones

Suggested for  flu and articular inflamations. It reinforces the nervous fibres that are necessary to energy production, inhibits the hormon of stress. Antioxidant helpful for edemas and lost of taste, it activates more than 100 enzyme.
Product notified by ministry of health 
Dietary supplement 

POSOLOGIA: 10 ml  twice per day

200 ml Flacon

28,00 €

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